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by Kendrite
14 Nov 2015, 17:32
Forum: General Chat
Topic: Bookmark Icon - Favicon
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Bookmark Icon - Favicon


Just a little thing, wondering if Player Attack would consider adding a Favicon (the little bookmark icon)?

Not a big deal, just something I noticed was missing.
by Kendrite
14 Nov 2015, 09:06
Forum: Role Playing Games
Topic: Your Fallout 4 Settlements, Show Them To Me
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Re: Your Fallout 4 Settlements, Show Them To Me

Finally finished walling right around Sanctuary, only way in is across the bridge with all my turrets. Also walled off a bit in the water so I could have an industrial water purifier inside the walls. I haven't got Fallout 4 yet but that looks impressive. How long does something like that take to c...
by Kendrite
08 Nov 2015, 20:12
Forum: General Chat
Topic: Welcome All and one
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Re: Welcome All and one

Hi guys, been on GON since 2006 but lurked more than posted so sad to see it going.

Glad this is here and hope it takes off!