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Wing Commander III: A retro review

Posted: 05 Feb 2016, 13:49
by NewsBot
When was the first time you were blown away by a game? I remember distinctly what it was for me. Back in the 90's a video game TV show The Zone showed footage from a game that looked like a movie. Like something you would see in the cinema. It had everything: Space ships, explosions, A big cat style monster and an all star cast including Mark Hamill and Tom Wilson (or as I knew them at the time Luke Skywalker and Biff). This was the first time the potential of what could be done with a game was evident to me. The game in question was Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger and it is still incredible.

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Re: Wing Commander III: A retro review

Posted: 09 Feb 2016, 06:48
by trb
All in all in my mind it’s kinda strange that this series has been left alone for so long. You would think that in the wake of sci-fi’s popularity of late (what with a new Star Wars and all) this series would AT LEAST be scheduled for a reboot or something. The thing is though that they just don’t make games like this anymore. This level of star power, this level of story depth, even flight sims in general are a rarity these days. This game could only have come out when it did. Today you would never be able to get something quite like this released. And the world is poorer for it.
Kinda why they're making Star Citizen and people have backed it with over US$100m?
Thats what it's supposed to be right? the wing commander/ freelancer that they couldn't make back then?