What I hate most about the state of AAA gaming

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Re: What I hate most about the state of AAA gaming

Post by Spooler » 09 Dec 2015, 15:21

Makena wrote: I played Vanilla D3 for 150 hours or something. So while I was disappointed in what it was, I still enjoyed it.

EDIT: not to dismiss your problems, but if you didn't enjoy D3, then ok, it's a game you didn't enjoy. I've played a number of games I didn't enjoy, I just don't find it offensive that a developer/publisher released a game I didn't enjoy.

I don't find it offensive but the problem was with the game not my distaste for it. Or at least that certainly appears to be the opinion of the majority. There was alot that was supposed to make it in that just didn't really it's not even about enjoyment it's about perception of value.

Not to mention the sheer overwhelming number of game breaking bugs that Blizzard had been made aware of throughout the testing phases that made it into the final product.
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Re: What I hate most about the state of AAA gaming

Post by Nitephyre » 10 Dec 2015, 08:37

To me, the problem is that we now have a highly accessible medium for studios to use to keep games up to date with patches/features etc... Good Internet. In the period B.G.I., they had to release a game as complete as possible, because even say a 50mb patch was out of reach of a lot of people. Now, that is what, a 5 minute option?

As such, there is more emphasis on getting out Product in a mostly-usable way "because we can have a 0-day patch ready in time it takes from going Gold to going release". To me, it's Lazy.
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Re: What I hate most about the state of AAA gaming

Post by -Slayer- » 11 Dec 2015, 16:14

They need to stop with the bs and give us the content promised seeing we paid in good faith (lost DLC) for it and not just some crappy skin or whatever as an example that we wouldn't use anyway and don't find it value added, if they don't pick their act up I can see piracy becoming even bigger in the future.

Hell I even come in from the dark and went legit with games but with what is on offer at times it would be very easy to go back to the darkside to get value added bonus product.
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Re: What I hate most about the state of AAA gaming

Post by Mini » 12 Dec 2015, 15:33

I struggle to pay full price for any game these days.
There is so much variety around, and with less gaming time (and money) than I used to have (Kids...) it just isn't viable for me to buy at full price.

I support a game where it is due, but most of the time this is later in a games life when all the bugs are ironed out. Hell I'm not complaining about the early adopters, they keep the game alive long enough to fix the bugs for me to pick it up later :)

I also don't play online games very often (Rocket League being an exception) and so I don't really care if anyone else is playing it. I enjoy it just as much a couple of years after everyone else has, and for a lot less.
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Re: What I hate most about the state of AAA gaming

Post by Sathias » 12 Dec 2015, 20:49

I don't have a problem with DLC when there is enough content in the original game, Fallout 4 is a good example because there is TONNES of content. But Battlefront is totally taking the piss with their DLC.
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