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Blizzard celebrates 20yrs of Diablo

Posted: 29 Dec 2016, 08:17
by Mugsy
Diablo was release on 31st December 1996 and Blizzard are celebrating 20yrs of Diablo with special events in all their (current) games: ... 12-28-2016

Obviously, the most significant event is in Diablo 3 with a reimagining of D1. But all other games will have some sort of Diablo themed event/goodie.


Kinda bummed that they're not releasing Diablo as free claimable character in Heroes of the Storm like they did for one of the Diablo 3 anniversaries (esp since Diablo is only a 2000 gold character these days). They also could have made The Dark Wanderer as a HOTS character for this event but decided to stick to another two Warcraft themed assassin type characters for the last two hero releases. Feels like the game should have been called Warcraft and Blizzard All-Stars Brawl.