RP Post - The Black Watch

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RP Post - The Black Watch

Post by Cuban Eight » 14 Mar 2019, 22:19

The big half orc stirred as a shadow moved silently into his chamber. Scowling slightly at the disturbance he watched carefully as the werecat settled awkwardly into a dark corner. Not a beast that spoke often, it motioned Jaeger to come closer as it revealed the weapon that was concealed behind its back. He stopped still a moment as a flash of recognition passed through him.

It couldn’t be! Could it?

It couldn’t be!

Two faltering steps and he had moved within reach of the artifact. A piece of history... A piece of his history.
Fumbling at his belt he removed his treasure pouch and offered it to the big cat. A quick glance inside, a nod of the furry head, and Murrpau slipped out of the room. A lifetimes worth of looted magic runes he handed over without a second thought. The treasure he now held in his calloused hands was beyond the value of gold or runes.

It was Iona’s masterwork of course, the blades still razor sharp after all these years, the balance perfect, the grips firm and slightly sweat stained from he who once wielded it. With a heavy sigh Jaeger sat back in his chair with the double axe across his lap. One hand caressed the weapon as the memories came flooding back. Scenes of dark clad warriors charging out of the Underdark, laying waste to all before them. The Black Watch of House Le’tent, Axe Rothe Le’tent in the lead, storming through Sholo, laying siege to Helios, cleaving the Scourge throughout Misty Isle. The blood that had been shed by this axe!

Jaeger gave a small chuckle, remembering Axe roaring with laughter as he led The Watch through the gates of Helios taking the heads off the rivvil guards in one blow. Sacking that town was always his favourite pastime.

With a sigh the smile faded from his face. He looked about his austere chamber. Many were the years since he had fought alongside his Ilareth Sargtlin. Far had been the fall of the once mighty House Le’tent. Of the Black Watch he was all that remained. A heavy melancholy descended upon the old rothe.

His callused hands moved along the weapon shaft, finding the grips. He looked down at the relic and firmed his grasp, testing the weight. With a low growl Jaeger rose from his chair and strode out of the room, heading along the well-worn path to the surface. The weapon of his old mentor in his hands, the last of the Black Watch moved with a purpose.

The blades of Axe Rothe Le’tent would taste blood again this day…….

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