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Mecha Mecha and Mecha

Post by boars » 24 Jan 2018, 00:58

Got bored of not using my HOTAS the other day and thought to myself, what better way to use them then to fire up some mecha games. Discussions at work about Mech Warrior 5 might have prompted the nostalgia trip...

Classic MechWarrior

Either way, here's a great reddit thread for getting any of your old classic MW series up and running: ... ows_10_78/
(do yourself a favour and skip the 3dfx etc versions and use the classic dos variant if firing up 31st Century combat, ironically it provides higher resolution and the lack of textures really makes it look better).

Had a great time stomping around as the wolves, got frustated all over again (must be the third time now) when I couldn't for the life of me inspect a target and finish a mission. Press i to inspect after targeting of course ;)

Also somewhat ironically I could not seem to get my stick or pedals working in MW2 :(

As for MW5: Mercenaries...

Part excited, part sad to know it's Piranha working on it - it looks tired and dated and it's not even out yet.

Hell the Smith and Tinker/Piranha Games MW5 teaser trailer made in 2009 looks better :-o

Prefer the non-Merc MW games also but that's probably just me.

Just somewhat odd that a new video looks worse than one that's nearly 10 years old?!

Which reminds me that I recently watched the MW2: 21st CC intro again and frankly I prefer that over new MW5 one - hopefully its just a budget teaser version ;)
The 31st intro pretty much sealed me on my first joystick purchase.
I must have watched that intro at Harvey Norman 10 times at least before my parents dragged me out of the shop :P Testament to a well made intro.

Anyway the gameplay looks like MW:online + single player.
Not surprising really.

Mech Warrior: Living Legends

In other news, in case you missed it... (I sure did) Mech Warrior: Living Legends is back (as of a year ago)... and is in active development again. Pretty interesting, wonder if this is due to the implosion of Crytek, people aren't concerned about losing their jobs anymore?

This was a great game, I should really see if this is any good...
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