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Controller Companion

Post by GamingKen » 09 Jan 2016, 01:46

I'm pretty much just re-posting my Steam review of Controller Companion here, but as someone who is basically a console "couch" gamer at heart and just happened to end up playing primarily on PC, this program has been proving to be awesome for couch friendly gaming and I thought maybe others would find it handy too.

It''s fantastic! What I like most is that it detects a program and applies any appropriate profile you have created or downloaded, but then also turns off the program profile and defaults back to a desktop mode after using a program. Other applications I have used, like Xpadder, don't manage to achieve this and so don't operate seamlessly on your system, requiring you to manually flick back and forth between profiles. With Controller Companion it is all automatic once you have a profile configured for a task.

Also, having Steam Workshop integration makes it incredibly easy to find profiles for certain games or programs, even ones that are not on Steam. and allows you to share your own profile configurations. Once installed it also does not require Steam, and will start with Windows. You can also turn off showing it running in Steam, avoiding conflict with being "ingame" with other programs.

The ability to add controller support to any game, as well as operate your PC with your gamepad in a completely customisable way, is well worth the small cost ($2.99)

I've started creating and posting my own profiles to the Steam Workshop but there are plenty of others posted as well.

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