Xfire Replacement

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Xfire Replacement

Post by Treloar » 18 Jul 2016, 23:57

Can anyone suggest one :?:
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Re: Xfire Replacement

Post by stingtwo » 19 Jul 2016, 00:35

I had to check wikipedia to see if Xfire was even usable in 2016, turned out whatever wasn't stripped out of it in 2012 still worked until April.

The thing everyone jumped to after Xfire nuked their forums was raptr, but you can use Steam, it does just about everything Xfire ever did.
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Re: Xfire Replacement

Post by Lucifer Morningstar » 19 Jul 2016, 11:35

Raptr mostly. Raptr is founded by one o the Xfire dudes.
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Re: Xfire Replacement

Post by GamingKen » 19 Jul 2016, 15:20

What features are you looking for exactly? As mentioned, Raptr is founded by one of the original Xfire guys, but that is not necessarily a good thing as it has lead to a lot of the same mistakes Xfire made. Personally, I quit Raptr nearly two years ago as the app became bloated crap and the site had dropped a range of features (losing it's focus on game tracking).

I spent a fair bit of time trying to find something as well, but never really came up with much. You might want to check out the few I've listed below, though all have shortcomings.

http://raptr.com/ - (as an example, my profile)
https://www.playfire.com/ - (my profile)
https://www.evolvehq.com/welcome - (my profile)
https://www.exophase.com/ - (my profile)
https://truesteamachievements.com/ - (my profile)

I don't use these much now myself and it's hard to say which you might prefer to try without knowing a bit more about what kind of features you are looking for. And of course, as Stingtwo mentioned, Steam has a lot of the more social features these days anyway. Again, it depends on what you are after specifically. I myself prefer Exophase for game tracking and TrueSteamAchievements for achievement tracking. Neither of those require an app running on your PC, but will only track Steam games.
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Re: Xfire Replacement

Post by Nitephyre » 19 Jul 2016, 20:12

ICQ? Y! Messenger? MSN?
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Re: Xfire Replacement

Post by Disruptor4 » 21 Jul 2016, 17:26

Fark I remember xfire. I went to try login to the website not too long ago and I couldn't :(
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