New PC build - halp!

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New PC build - halp!

Post by DarkMellie » 19 Mar 2018, 12:55

Wifey needs a new box, fnar fnar...

It's solely for her graphic design work and I'd be re-using her GT950. Current PSU is 650x and pops constantly when turned on or off.

So it's physical box, RAM, Mobo, CPU, PSU and SSD/HDD that I need recommendations for. Does anyone have any preferences? For pricing, not looking for cheapest but not building a beast-rig either. How big are SSDs now? Are they over their initial problems where they'd die too soon (my first two SSDs burned out within a year)... i'm thinking that she could run all her programs so much better from SSDs.

She has a 1920x1080 (60Hz) monitor at the moment, thinking she needs two monitors to make her work more efficient. If I then took her existing monitor, could I run it as my third (my two monitors are 1920x1200 (59Hz)) without any troubles? Or should I buy another monitor that matches hers and get myself one with the right resolution?

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Re: New PC build - halp!

Post by Mini » 19 Mar 2018, 14:54

Does graphics design software make use of multi threading very well?
The new AMD CPU's are good if the applications can run well on multiple threads, where as the Intel chips are better at single core performance.

I'm currently running 2 SSD's in my PC and haven't had any issues with them burning out, seem to be lasting so far (1 is about 3 years old, the other about 1.5 years old), and I think they go up above 500GB now, not sure how far past that (Or the prices either)
Can almost guarantee that all application will run better from an SSD, as the loads time are incredible.

I would assume that monitors for graphics design would need to have colours that match the real world?
Might depend on the panel type in the monitors for what is best for her work.
But yes you could use those 3 monitors with no issues. I currently run a 144Hz monitor next to a 59Hz monitor and they have been fine.
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Re: New PC build - halp!

Post by Makena » 19 Mar 2018, 15:14

For desktop/productivity stuff I'd absolutely look at a Ryzen based build.

I've had some samsung SSD's for ages now (2 years or so? I'd have to double check, but a while anyway), it has shown no signs of any issues getting basically 24/7 use (windows is on it, I rarely turn off my PC)

But basically a 1600/1700 Ryzen*
2x8 or 4x8GB RAM (This will be on of the expensive bits, you want at least 3000Mhz RAM, and RAM prices suck at the moment)
Whatever AM4 board meets your sata/ram slot requirements, X370 for fancier, B350 to save a few dollarydoos (if X370/B350 make sure it has had a bios update for 2700 Ryzen, which is basically all of them but it's worth being sure)
Samsung 500/1TB/2TB SSD, wouldn't go under 500 personally
probably a 4TB or whatever mechanical drive for mass storage drive
Any Silver/Gold rated 650 +/- 100W PSU from antec/corsair/silverstone

*the 2x00 series is literally about to launch (3-4 weeks or so) so probably a 2600/2700

I'm sure we can throw together some specific part ideas if that'll be more helpful
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Re: New PC build - halp!

Post by Disruptor4 » 19 Mar 2018, 15:59

Ryzen over Intel for her purposes and what's even better is new Ryzen's are literally about a month away which improve on their already great multi-threaded performance. Along with new mobo chipset, but the old mobo's work with the new CPU's with a BIOS update if you went that route.

SSD's wise they seem quite reliable and we use them in just about every system at my work (approx. 7,000 systems) soo... :) They go up to about 2TB but the price is insane. 500GB/1TB is the sweet spot depending what you'll need.

Other than that, what Makena said above.
Ryzen 2600
16GB RAM @ at least 3000MHz
500/1TB SSD and then buy a big storage drive like a WD Black
Gold/Plat rated 650W+ PSU
Case is personal preference. Does it need to be big or small? Fit in a particular spot?
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