Soundbar recommendations

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Soundbar recommendations

Post by solo0017 » 13 Nov 2018, 16:18

Hi All

I'm in the market for a soundbar and have been reading really good reviews on the Yamaha YAS-207. Does anyone own one themselves and could recommend it? Alternatively, are there any other soundbars around the same price-point that deliver a better sound (my budget would max at around $500 and I've seen then YAS-207 on sale for $400).

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Re: Soundbar recommendations

Post by Mini » 14 Nov 2018, 10:21

Not sure what is available, but saw there were some on special as part of Click Frenzy ... =Soundbars
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Re: Soundbar recommendations

Post by Nekosan » 15 Nov 2018, 22:21

Go into a store and demo them all, they'll have stands set up so its easy.
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Re: Soundbar recommendations

Post by Treloar » 18 Nov 2018, 10:53

Do you need a soundbar or speakers:?:

Currently I use Divoom Iris-02 on my HDD recorder to playback music at about 50% and find them plenty loud enough, with quality sound.

I bought mine from JB Hifi for $11 years ago... I dunno if they are still available or not...
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Re: Soundbar recommendations

Post by Loy » 25 Jan 2019, 19:32

Yep! Yamaha yas 207 is a good choice! However to make sure it is just what you need I would recommend you to check out this comparison of this model to other also good ones. It is a nice guide ... ystem.html
Hope I helped at least someone ;)
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