Monitor Arms/ro

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Monitor Arms/ro

Post by Fireslide » 23 Feb 2016, 14:07

Hey. So I'm wondering if anyone uses any kind of monitor arms/mounts to allow screen position adjustment/rotation and if you do, what is your set up and experience like?

I've got 2 x 27" screens and I'm wondering lately if i'm causing myself neck problems with their orientation, so I figure some kind of monitor arm to hold them would be ideal.
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Re: Monitor Arms/ro

Post by Mini » 23 Feb 2016, 14:26

I have them at work... 2 x 22" monitors on them.
They work really well, the main problem with the ones I have, and something to look out for, is that it is almost impossible to move up and down if the monitors are attached. This is due to weight pulling at a weird angle. (It is possible, but requires 2 or 3 people...)

But it is useful to be able to spin the monitors around and show other people things.
It also depends on the stands you are currently using, because a good stand will have as much functionality as arms. But I know that most stands aren't changeable at all.
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Re: Monitor Arms/ro

Post by Disruptor4 » 23 Feb 2016, 14:29

We have them here at work. Standard is 1x 22" and a laptop tray but I've got 2x 23" on there. Putting them at the right height and angle while not having the gap between the two monitors was a pain in the ass at first but got it working. But then I decided to angle on of them so the back of it faces the direction people walk towards me so they can't see that screen. :P :twisted:

Moving them up and down etc is fairly annoying but not hard. Can do it yourself but you just have to put push/pull with your hand in the right position. It's much nicer than having two monitor stands on the desk. Allows more paper and stuff to be stored there :P
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