minotaur shamen ??

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minotaur shamen ??

Post by Sapphire » 17 Sep 2018, 19:12

Having been harvesting minotaurs for their horn's (totally unethical in the real world of course) I have come across a potential bug, but am unsure this is the case ...

Whilst going around invisible and using a summons to harvest said minotaurs it seems if I get Ryannia within a few yards of a minotaur shamen or their mystic counterparts one loses the invisibility ... Also if casting to bring forth a summons either a XI or a BBoD one loses yet again the invisibilty in the casting thereof...

But a thought occured in that maybe just maybe these shamen and mystics have an arua of purge invisibilty ... Can someone either confirm this or look into it if it is a possible bug ??
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